Mobile Signal Widget – 9,998 downloads!

Just 2 more for 10,000!

Thanks everyone.

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Froyo – Install to SD

Some users have requested install to SD functionality.  Unfortunately, this is not recommended for app widgets, as if the SD card is unmounted, the widget is removed from the Home screen and cannot be re-added until after a system restart.

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Mobile Signal Widget V1.2 Published

This update is an attempt to fix the issues encountered by Motorola Droid owners on the Verizon network.

I have not been able to test it myself, so feedback is welcome.

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Mobile Signal Widget V1.1 Update Published

V1.1 Issues Fixed
– Signal strength is always displayed as 85dBm on some networks.
– Incorrect dBm display on some networks/devices.

I am unable to test every device, and it is even harder to test every network, but hopefully this update will fix some of the issues that some of you have reported.

If you uninstalled Mobile Signal Widget, please give it another try!

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Mobile Signal Widget breaks 5,000 downloads.

Mobile Signal Widget is now in the 5,000 – 10,000 downloads band! Thanks for your support.

I am aware that there are problems on certain devices and a fix is on the way.  If you uninstalled, please give the new version a try when it is ready.

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Stuck on 85dBm issue.

There have been a few comments about the widget getting stuck displaying 85dBm on certain devices.

I managed to recreate this issue today and hope to publish a fixed version in an update tomorrow.

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Mobile Signal Widget is the number one Hot App! on AppBrain.

Yesterday, Mobile Signal Widget was the number one Hot App! on the AppBrain app market.  Many thanks to everyone who has installed it.

Downloads are currently 4,958.  It looks like it will break the 5,000 barrier tomorrow.

Many thanks to all of you.

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