Emoticons – They’re still there!

The happy and sad Emo smileys have not been turned off in the free version!  They are still there.  However, the PRO version does enable you to turn them off if you don’t want them.

P.S. To answer a question from a comment in the Android Market: The Emo Smileys only appear when you have no signal or when you have maximum signal.

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3 Responses to Emoticons – They’re still there!

  1. Christopher Weimann says:

    Why does the latest version require full Internet access?

    • Hi Christopher,

      I have added ads to the configuration page on the free version. This requires internet access.

      The PRO version does not have ads, so does not require internet access.



  2. duane says:

    Would it be possible to change how the Smileys appear? The only time I see one is when rebooting phone. Maybe implement a couple of other stages for them to appear. Just a thought. Love the widget. Allows me to hide status bar and see what I want to just on homescreen. Thanks!

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