Mobile Signal Widget PRO published

Mobile Signal Widget PRO has been published on the Android Market for GBP0.59.

It features the following extra features:

  • Additional 2×1 widget featuring separate bars for signal strength and Wi-Fi strength in dBm.
  • New configuration screen
  • Transparent background option
  • Hide/Show operator name, signal strength text, and Android Emo smileys
  • Signal units – choose between dBm and ASU
  • Tap to configure – The configuration screen is available by tapping the widget

Coming Soon!

  • More size options
  • Themes including customisable colours and background
  • Skins including retro meters, LED displays and more!

Search for “Mobile Signal Widget” in the Android Market.

Please post feedback, suggestions and bugs here!

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8 Responses to Mobile Signal Widget PRO published

  1. D. says:

    The pro widget (V1.0) looks great, but, it seems to stop updating.

    I’ve reinstalled the widget. It works initially, but then stops displaying the current information.

    • Are you running any task killer applications?

      If so, exclude “UpdateService” from the task killer list.

      Could you send me as much details as you can? Phone? Android version?

      Did you ever have the same issue with the free version?

      If a widget freezes, re-adding it should get it going again. If it freezes again, it means something is stopping the update service, most likely a task killer.



  2. wildgunman says:

    Can you add paypal ? I want to buy the widget, but i have no creditcard 😦

  3. Van says:

    I’m on T-Mobile with a G2. Is there a guide for the various letters? I’ve seen 3G, H, and U at least all while the taskbar shows H.

    • Hi Van,

      3G is the short name for the mobile phone and data standards introduced in 2000. So 3G indicates a standard 3G connection.
      G is GPRS, which is the older (slower) GSM data protocol.
      U is UMTS which is the version of 3G used predominantly on former GSM networks (Europe, Japan, China).
      H is HSPA or HSDPA, sometimes known as 3.5G. This is a later (faster) version of 3G.
      E is EDGE which is an enhanced version of GPRS.

      Hope that helps!


  4. Dave says:

    I like this widget quite a bit. It was worth the .95 US.
    Thank you! I can’t wait to see the updated version that can be themed.

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