Mobile Signal Widget V1.2 Published

This update is an attempt to fix the issues encountered by Motorola Droid owners on the Verizon network.

I have not been able to test it myself, so feedback is welcome.

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5 Responses to Mobile Signal Widget V1.2 Published

  1. PonK says:

    Hi, I using this cool app, that’s very useful, thanks for your development.
    Now then, I request that the skin function, because I hope I can change the app’s looks easily.

  2. Metabaron says:

    Are you doing a refresh every X seconds or anything else to get the current network type? I’m really interested to know your approach on the problem of getting the current network type.

    • Hi Metabaron,

      The widget does not poll or refresh at all, it “listens” to events from the Android telephony API. This is why it is extremely lihgtweight and battery friendly.

      Regards, Alex.

      • Metabaron says:

        Would you mind sharing the event you are listening too because I cannot find anything related to netwrok type (maybe share code too)?

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