Mobile Signal Widget V1.1 Update Published

V1.1 Issues Fixed
– Signal strength is always displayed as 85dBm on some networks.
– Incorrect dBm display on some networks/devices.

I am unable to test every device, and it is even harder to test every network, but hopefully this update will fix some of the issues that some of you have reported.

If you uninstalled Mobile Signal Widget, please give it another try!

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11 Responses to Mobile Signal Widget V1.1 Update Published

  1. Manoj Madhavan says:


    I’m getting maximum value as -51dBm (even if i keep it in front of the IBS antenna… πŸ˜› ).

    Can u check it….


  2. Hi Manoj,

    Could you send me a few details?

    Widget version (1.0 or 1.1)
    Android version



    • Manoj Madhavan says:


      Forgot to add the details…
      Pls find it below.

      Widget version (1.0 or 1.1) – 1.1
      Device – Sony Ericsson X10
      Android version – 1.6
      Network – Airtel India (1800 band)

  3. Thanks for the details, Manoj. I will try and simulate your connection in my test environment.


    • Hi Manoj,

      Could you try the update, please?


      • manoj says:


        Updated the software….

        Can only test it on monday morning…

        Will update you after that… πŸ™‚


      • Manoj Madhavan says:


        Checked it….

        But still the value is not going above -51dBm.

        Is it the problem with android?
        found the same value in Settings>About Phone>Status>Signal strength.


      • Hi Manoj, If that’s what it reports in Android then that’s what my widget will report. If you are really getting -51dBm, then that is the maximum signal strength that Android reports. Does the value change when you move to different areas (away from the cell)? Maybe you just have a really good signal?

        P.S.. Signal strength ranges from -113dBm (bad) to -51dBm (very good).

  4. manoj says:


    Its changing from -51dbm while moving away from the antenna…

    can u pls confirm android will show only till -51dbm.


  5. Matt D says:

    I have a Samsung Vibrant, on the meter it shows 3g and somtimes H, what is the H? I am a T mobile subscriber..

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