Emoticons – They’re still there!

The happy and sad Emo smileys have not been turned off in the free version!  They are still there.  However, the PRO version does enable you to turn them off if you don’t want them.

P.S. To answer a question from a comment in the Android Market: The Emo Smileys only appear when you have no signal or when you have maximum signal.

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Tap to Unfreeze!

I have added a new feature to both versions of Mobile Signal Widget.

If your widgets stop updating, tap any widget and click “Unfreeze! Widgets” to get them going instantly.

Then uninstall your task killer app…(or at least add “UpdateService” to the exclusion list!).

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Mobile Signal Widget PRO published

Mobile Signal Widget PRO has been published on the Android Market for GBP0.59.

It features the following extra features:

  • Additional 2×1 widget featuring separate bars for signal strength and Wi-Fi strength in dBm.
  • New configuration screen
  • Transparent background option
  • Hide/Show operator name, signal strength text, and Android Emo smileys
  • Signal units – choose between dBm and ASU
  • Tap to configure – The configuration screen is available by tapping the widget

Coming Soon!

  • More size options
  • Themes including customisable colours and background
  • Skins including retro meters, LED displays and more!

Search for “Mobile Signal Widget” in the Android Market.

Please post feedback, suggestions and bugs here!

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Mobile Signal Widget Pro coming soon!

I am working on Mobile Signal Widget Pro, which will be available in the market soon for a small fee. It will have many of the features that have been requested by you. Keep an eye on the market and watch this space!

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32,172 downloads so far!

Download numbers for Mobile Signal Widget are currently at 32,172! I am really hoping to break the 50,000 barrier over the next few weeks. The percentage of active installs is rising too. Thanks for your support!

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Mobile Signal Widget is Android Central editor’s app pick.


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